Chamber Welcomes River Pines Counseling  to the Chamber and community

Stillwater Chamber Welcomes River Pines


Chamber Welcomes River Pines Counseling to the Chamber and Community

Chamber Welcomes River Pines Counseling  to the Chamber and community

Darcy Stivland, co-owner of River Pines Counseling, cut the ribbon at the Chamber welcome celebration on September 7th, 2023.

Stillwater, MN. The Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce welcomed local business River Pines Counseling to the Chamber and the community with a ribbon cutting celebration on September 7th, 2023. The event took place at 105 New England Place, Suite 150 in Stillwater, MN with owners Darcy Stivland (ranked by Healthgrades as “Best Therapist in Stillwater”) and her father Rod Stivland along with healthcare industry partners, personal supporters, Greater Stillwater Chamber ambassadors and staff.

River Pines Counseling was founded by the father/daughter provider team in 2022 with a vision for creating a nature-inspired, boutique-style mental health therapy option for adults seeking support with life changes and challenges.  Their purpose is to help their clients find a deep sense of peace, joy and hope.  Their typical client is looking for a life with less stress, anxiety, depression and relationship struggle. They want new perspectives, greater insight, and coping skills with practical tools.

River Pines Counseling offers both professional counseling and physician & leadership coaching programs. The majority of their clients are healthcare providers, first responders, caregivers, pilots, professors and leaders. Their top niche is supporting those who care for, develop, and lead others.  If that’s not you, River Pines Counseling noted that they are very welcoming of you too!  Common client challenges relate to anxiety, depression, career stress, trauma, relationships, wellness, and gaining clarity of personal and business priorities.

The location is easy to find and the decor inside is breathtaking. The nature themed office with pine and birch tree wallpaper and a crackling fireplace lays way to a relaxing and trusting environment. If you are looking for someone to learn, grow or heal with, please consider River Pines Counseling today!

Stay tuned for new specialties and personalities joining soon. The River Pines Counseling team is quickly expanding. If you are a licensed therapist, interested in growing and promoting mental health as a provider for River Pines Counseling, they invite you to reach out.

River Pines Counseling
105 New England Place #150
Stillwater, MN 55082
(651) 383-6054
River Pines Counseling

Stress, depression and tired female doctor suffering from a headache or mental health while sitting in an office with laptop. Frustrated, upset and overworked healthcare or medical worker in hospital

Healthcare Provider Air Mask

Stress, depression and tired female doctor suffering from a headache or mental health while sitting in an office with laptop. Frustrated, upset and overworked healthcare or medical worker in hospital

Pilot: “Parents, in case of an aircraft emergency, put your own air mask on FIRST; THEN your child’s.”

How does that apply to YOU as a healthcare provider?
Here are some examples of how this aircraft situation may show up in your life. Are any of these relatable to YOU?

  • Emotionally exhausted. Feeling flat, uninterested, lacking drive, anxious, irritable, or stressed.
  • Trained for perfection and high performance; feeling deflated that it is unattainable.
  • Imposter syndrome and self-doubt setting in. Pondering career decisions.
  • Skipping workouts, eating out too much, craving alcohol, forgetting water, or not sleeping well.
  • Stretched like a rubber band both at work and at home.
  • Flashbacks and triggers associated with patient care situations. Weighed down by past trauma.
  • Administrative work robbing you of sleep, self-care, or interacting with loved ones.
  • Angry about healthcare system inequities, bureaucracy, and unnecessary complexities.
  • Experiencing tensions between healthcare providers and care teams.
  • Focused on the next problem, rarely appreciating the journey, or pausing to celebrate wins.

Here are a few tips:

  • Practice saying No and Not Yet. Recognize that every Yes has unintended consequences.
  • Hardwire 2-10-minute wellness habits into your day. Walk, stretch, breathe, drink water.
  • Block time to decompress, think, and practice self-care.
  • Have a toolkit of strategies ready for just-in-time anxiety reduction (4-square breathing, visualization, purposeful pausing, affirmations, thought restructuring). See our website resources.
  • Recognize that your human potential is more than a never-ending treadmill run. Hop off.
  • Practice a mantra, such as, “I can have everything in life; just not all at once.”
  • Initiate self-boundaries, express needs, negotiate, push back.
  • Advocate and assert yourself for healthcare system change. Influence efficiency changes.
  • Learn more about the business of healthcare to best influence change. Ask for the metrics.
  • Learn how to let go of guilt and regret. Be graceful with yourself.
  • Get creative and assertive about healthcare efficiencies. Let go of administrative perfectionism.
  • Get comfortable making decisions without 100% certainty.
  • Teach and empower clinical and administrative team members to take tasks off your list.
  • Trust your peers to help your patients. Avoid the hero complex, striving to be the hero of situations no matter the odds.

River Pines Counseling specializes in physician counseling and coaching.
Email us to get started

Happy Holidays from River Pines Counseling

Happy Holidays from River Pines Counseling!

Happy Holidays from River Pines Counseling
Happy Holidays from River Pines Counseling!
Here are a few of our tips for best mental health over this holiday season:

  • Focus on small moments of beauty.
    A bright smile exchange, a hug, snowy pine trees, meadow deer, a card from an old friend, that first bite of a favorite holiday food, giggles on a snow sled, cinnamon candles, a crackling fireplace.
  • Enjoy life from all 5 senses.
    What can you notice when you pay attention to the detailed experience of your seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling senses?
  • Have some adventure.
    Find a new hiking trail, make a snow angel, drive to see holiday lights, try a new recipe.
  • Surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you.
  • Expect less of yourself and others; appreciate more.

For more resources check out the below.

All Best Wishes!


River Pines Counseling Opens in Stillwater Minnesota


Darcy and Rod Stivland open River Pines Counseling in Stillwater Minnesota in September 2022.